a bit about me

Hey, my name is Ashley Emma Bastiman, I'm 21 years-old and I'm from Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2016 I graduated from university with a Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing, Film & TV and then, shortly after, I  hopped on a plane to Thailand. Whilst I was out there, I decided to gain my TEFL qualification (Teach English as a Foreign Language) and soon began working as an English Teacher at a high school in Bangkok.

So far I've done some work for a few magazines, tried my hand at work on film sets and more recently, began writing posts for the company Travelicious. This website is just for my thoughts, my memories, my experiences, my passions; things that I usually say to myself, really, just for everyone else to read now if they fancy.

In the future I'll continue writing, whilst dabbling in several careers; from working with children and animals to conservation and human rights. Why can't you have a portfolio of professions? Why can't you switch continents every few months? And why can't you write about it all as you go?

Hope you enjoy my ramblings.